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Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts will be rededicated as Marian Anderson Hall, home of The Philadelphia Orchestra


Building Facts

Important Dates:
Groundbreaking: November 12, 1998
Opening: December 16, 2001

$235 million (land and building costs)

More than 2,000 construction workers representing more than two dozen labor unions built the Kimmel Center.

The Kimmel Center is 450,000 square feet and occupies an entire city block. The glass roof is more than 150 feet high.

The Kimmel Center seats:

  • 2,547 in Verizon Hall
  • 651 in the Perelman Theater

The Center's structure and finishing include:

  • 29,054 total cubic yards of concrete (equivalent to 92 miles of 5-foot wide sidewalk)
  • 317,000 masonry blocks
  • 3,700 total tons of structural steel
  • 2,281 tonnage of rebar (reinforcing steel bars)
  • 61,048 linear feet of structural steel tubing supporting the glass roof
  • 1,400 tons of steel in the arches supporting the glass end walls
  • 156,677 square feet (3.6 acres) of glass glazing
  • 660 tons of weights holding glass end walls
  • 9,300 gallons (860,000 square feet) of paint
  • 594 doors
  • 2.5 miles (13,184 linear feet) of handrails
  • 14 elevators
  • 144 bathroom fixtures (86 for women and 58 for men)
  • 135,000 total cubic yards of dirt were removed from the construction site at Broad and Spruce Streets 

Construction Team

Construction Team Manager
LF Driscoll/ Artis T. Ore Joint Venture

Philadelphia D&M, Inc.

Pietrini Corporation

The Herman Goldner Co, Inc.


Verizon Hall Millwork
Imperial Woodworking

Lepore/Mark Construction

Theater Stage Equipment
Hoffend & Sons, Inc.

Glass Barrel Vaulted Roof
Architectural Skylights

Excavation & Site Work
D'Angelo Brothers

Miscellaneous & Ornamental Metal
Mometal, Inc.

Glass Entrances, Windows & Railings
Almond Glass Works

Glass Endwalls
National Glass

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