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We'd Like to Propose a Toast: Cocktails Inspired by our 2023-24 Broadway Season

Posted by:  Ensemble Arts Philly and The Philadelphia Orchestra on September 26, 2023

Mamma mia, here we go again with our annual Broadway-themed cocktails inspired by the 2023-24 season! Sip on classics like sangrias or margaritas, or try a new mixture with Rose Gold Riff or Tequila Punch. Cocktails are available at Ensemble Arts Philly Concessions and Volvér during the show’s performance dates. Or if you want to make it at home, follow the easy recipes below to start stirring and shaking your way through our season!

“Fetch Fizz” (Kir Royal) – Inspired by Mean Girls

Start with 1.5 oz crème de casis

Add 4 oz Prosecco

“Popular Punch” (Watermelon Sangria) – Inspired by WICKED

Start with 4-6 cubes of watermelon and muddle them

Add 1 oz of Vodka

Add 1 oz of Sparkling Water

Add 1 oz of Simple Syrup

Add 0.5 oz of Lime Juice

Add 3 oz of White Wine

“Cirque Cider” (Spiked Cider) - Inspired by Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Pour 1.5 oz of dark rum over ice

Fill with ½ cup of fresh cider

Garnish with orange slices

“Just My Imagination” (Rose Gold Riff) - Inspired by Ain’t Too Proud

Start with 1.5 oz passionfruit syrup

Add 1.5 oz rosemary syrup

Add 2 oz of Vodka

Add 3 dashes angostura bitters


Garnish with rosemary

“Run by Fruiting” (Red Sangria) – Inspired by Mrs. Doubtfire

Start with sliced fruit pieces

Add 1.5 oz apricot brandy

Add 3.5 oz fruit-steeped red wine

“Snow Queen” (Blue Lagoon) – Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

Start with .25 oz of blue curacao poured over ice into shaker

Add 1.5 oz of vodka

Add 2 oz of lemonade


Pour into serving glass

Garnish with slice of lemon

“Livin’ it up” (Tequila Punch) – Inspired by Hadestown

Pour 3 oz of tequila over ice

Add .25 oz of lemon juice

Sprinkle in 1 tbsp of charred pineapple bits

Final garnish with sprinkle of tarragon

"Roxanne" – Inspired by Message In A Bottle

Cocktail - MIAB 2324.png

Start with 1.5 oz of brandy

Add 1.5 oz white crème de menthe

“Hello, Gorgeous!” (White Sangria) - Inspired by Funny Girl

Pour 1.5 oz of calvados over ice into serving glass 

Add a few fresh raspberries

Add slice of lime

Add slice of lemon

Add a ¼-sized slice of green apple

Fill with 2 oz of Rioja Spanish wine

Garnish with slice of peach

“MAMMA MIA! Margarita” (Margarita) – Inspired by MAMMA MIA!

Use lime slice to moisten rim of serving glass

Dip rim into salt (or sugar)

Garnish glass with lime slice

Pour 2 oz of tequila over ice into shaker

Add 1 oz of triple sec

Add 1 oz of fresh lime juice


Pour into serving glass


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